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"Made in Italy" dress shirts are made from the finest Italian cotton shirting fabrics. Private label service is offered by most companies to let you have your own custom line of fine Italian-made shirts, with "Made in Italy" label. Large range of models, necks, cuffs, buttons and fabrics. Many Italian companies offers also handmade tailor's shirts, fullky customizable, including made-to-measure and bespoke.

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* 工作室提供测量高档男士衬衫,完全定制和手工制作的意大利非常能干的裁缝。还提供一个PRET-A-PORTER线的质量非常高的男士衬衫,在面料的选用,和颜色。私人标签可用以高档精品店


* 工作室的奢侈男装西服,衡量的或定制的由技术熟练的意大利裁缝用最好的面料。还有一个PRET-A-PORTER线的质量非常高,男人的衣服,外套及长裤。私人标签可用以高档精品店

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